Facebook Video Downloader for Chrome
August 25, 2020

Facebook Video Downloader for Chrome

Facebook Video Downloader for Chrome

Facebook is a social network with almost over 1 million users who are participating in posting entertainment and other informative stuff. Many times we wish to save the video to watch it offline. Facebook itself gives the option to save the video, but that saved video is only played with a stable internet connection. So, what if I introduced something that can provide easily download for any Facebook video with just one click? Yes! I am talking about a Facebook video downloader online for Chrome or FB video downloader.


Facebook video downloader for Chrome is an extension that can easily download on your Chrome, and with just one click, you can get the download button on all Facebook videos. Chrome extension is the best and easiest way to download unlimited Facebook videos for free. You need to activate the Chrome extension for Facebook video downloads. Once you active it, you will see the download option on the right corner of every Facebook video. Download the video easily.


Facebook itself doesn’t introduce any official Facebook Video downloader that’s why third-party applications are involved in giving us the services of downloading the FB videos. All apps are not worth it; you need to find the exact and best reliable apps to enjoy unlimited Facebook videos offline. All Facebook videos downloaded from the Chrome extension are saved in the “download” folder of your PC/ laptop. Facebook video Downloader chrome extension is limited as it doesn’t give many options and also not suitable for smartphones.

Facebook Video Downloader online

Many applications are available that make sure to provide the ability to download unlimited no of Facebook videos for free. The user interface of such apps is accessible and user-friendly. No technical knowledge is required to operate such apps. No registration and sign up issues as well. You just need to download the apps from Google play. Install the FB video downloader on your smartphone and start using it. Copy the FB video link you want to download, paste the link the app, and click “download.” You can download the video in HD quality. The applications also provide the opportunity to convert the videos into any format. Many format options are available in the software and applications like WMV, MOV, MP3, MP4, etc.

The conversion process may take some time, but it is quick and responsive to download the Facebook video. You need to select the option in which you want to convert the video. Click convert, and right after converting the video, you can download the video at your system or smartphone. All such apps and software are straightforward to use and reliable. Many applications claim to provide HD video downloads for Facebook that includes the top-rated and fast app “HD video downloader for Facebook.”


Many online tools are available as a Facebook video downloader for Chrome. Its an extension, and same like this, many online tools claim that you can download unlimited no of Facebook videos for free. You need to copy the link of the FB video you want to download and paste it in the online Facebook video downloader tool. Many users have issues in using online tools for FB video downloads. Many times the link breakage issue and the link is not available the users list issues. The most annoying are the ads, and many online tools are spams. On clicking the download button, they land you to the new window with some inappropriate page.


Facebook video downloader for Chrome is the best and most comfortable option. But if you want to get everything in one place, including downloading and converting videos, then software and applications are the best options. Many applications and software are available. VidMate is one of the best reliable and fast software for downloading unlimited Facebook videos. You can download live videos too from such software.


Is the Chrome extension for downloading Facebook videos reliable?

Yes! It is reliable and fast as well but with some limitations.

How to use Chrome extension for downloading Facebook videos?

You simply need to install the extension and activate it. After its being active open any Facebook video, you will see the download button at every Facebook video. Download the video by simply clicking it.

What is the best Facebook video downloader?

VidMate is one of the best, reliable, and fast Facebook video downloader.

How to download Facebook videos?

  • Copy the Facebook video link
  • Paste it in the application/software you using
  • Click download button
  • By clicking download, you will get it in your download folder


Facebook video downloader for Chrome isn’t available for downloading videos from private and password-protected pages. It comes with limited access. To download any kind of Facebook video with excellent quality, I recommend that my users download the applications and software. You will get many options by downloading a good software. VidMate is one of the examples in all the available software.

No registration and sign up issue. You just get a clear and user-friendly interface. By simply pasting the link, you will get your favorite Facebook video on your PC. All videos are available in the download folder of your system. The applications ease the way to download unlimited FB videos on your smartphone. Simply get a Facebook video downloader or HD video downloader for Facebook in your smartphone and download the videos with one click.


The best part of downloading the video is you will also get it converted by using these apps and software. Many converting formats are available. So, you can enjoy Facebook videos on your iPhone, tablet, PC, and laptop. No ads and cookies issue with the apps and software. Before downloading any software must read the reviews of users. You will get many third party applications and software online because Facebook introduces no official Facebook video downloader. But if you don’t want to go in the installation process even then best is to active Facebook video downloader for Chrome. This extension will help you in downloading the videos on-page.


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