Facebook Video Downloader
August 24, 2020

Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook Video Downloader

You heard it right. Now Facebook video downloader online is available that provides easy to download your favorite video from Facebook. A downloader becomes a must need for any social media platform. Sometimes all we want is to download a video to see it later. All the downloaded videos from Facebook are available under the downloaded folder that can be accessed easily. Facebook video downloader app is also available such as Fastvid that is readily available on Google Play. For people using Facebook through their laptops/PC, they can easily download videos through the Facebook Video downloader chrome extension.

Another fantastic feature of Facebook video downloader provides is the ability to download live videos right after they finish streaming. Facebook video downloader apk is also available for Android phones. One can easily install the FB video downloader application and easily download your favorite video to watch. In this article, we are going to share some valuable information regarding the Facebook video downloader.

Facebook Video Downloader for PC

Facebook video downloader is an application that allows users to download unlimited videos from Facebook. You can quickly get the FB video downloader application on your PC and download the videos. The downloader increases your download speeds more than usual i.e., 500%. Facebook video downloader for PC allows you to download videos at 8K, 5K, 4K, 2K, HQ videos, HD 720, and even HD 1080p easily from the internet without breaking the quality.

People prefer FB video downloader because it not only allows you to download the videos. Yes! Facebook video downloader also allows you to convert videos into different formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, DVD, MP3, WMV, and 3GP. So you can easily play the downloaded video on your iPhone, iPad, PSP, Android phone, Windows phone, and on any other device. The user interface of the Facebook video downloader is straightforward to use. You can easily download videos with just one click. By just clicking on the download video button, the video will be directly downloaded to your computer.

Online Facebook Video Downloader for Windows

With an online Facebook video downloader, you don’t need to install or download the FB Video downloader, and you will be able to save the Facebook video via Google Chrome. The online video downloader for Facebook is easy and convenient to get online videos in different formats and qualities.

Some drawbacks of using online Facebook video downloader are:

  • The page gives many ads
  • You may get redirected to another page after you click the “download” button
  • Many times the tool fails to find the video source link that is annoying

Online Facebook Video downloader works efficiently but many times you get disappointed. For that reason, you need Facebook video downloader software for your PC.

Why we need Facebook Video Downloader for PC?

As we all know, Facebook is the most prominent and popular networking site around. Facebook has two billion active users every month. All the active members post every day; something interesting includes videos, GIFs, and links. When you see the content from the website, you want to save it offline to watch later.

For texts and photos, you can easily copy-paste them on your device, but it’s a bit tricky to save them for offline use for videos. Facebook doesn’t provide us official downloader to download videos from Facebook. So, for saving Facebook videos on your computer, you need a Facebook video downloader.

Facebook Video Downloader for Chrome

Facebook video downloader extension is also available for Chrome. You need to add the extension in your Chrome. Adding the extension in your Chrome will automatically provide a download button on top of every video available on Facebook. The only con of this extension is that it doesn’t provide an option to download videos from password protected and private videos.

The chrome extension is available for free. It would be best if you played the video and move cursor to the download option to download the video on your laptop/PC. The extension helps us in downloading the videos easily with quick access. Facebook video downloader is the most effective and time-saving extension for downloading videos from Facebook in SD and HD quality.

FAQs about Facebook Video Downloader

How to download videos from Facebook Video downloader? 

It’s effortless to download video from FB video downloader. Right, click on the Facebook video you want to download and choose the option “copy video URL.” Paste the link in the Facebook video downloader, and by clicking the download button, you will get the video in your computer “downloads folder.”

Which app can I use to download videos from Facebook? 

For windows, Freemake Video Downloader is the best software to be used to download Facebook videos, and it is free.

How do I convert Facebook video to mp4? 

To covert Facebook video as Mp4, follow the steps below:

  1. Copy the video link.
  2. Paste video links in the Facebook video downloader software.
  3. Video converter options will show and select the options Facebook to mp4.
How to save a Facebook video Live? 
  1. Right-click and select the Video URL. Copy & paste FB video link in new tab.
  2. Now make a mobile video feed by deleting “www” and replace it with “m.”
  3. Now play the video and right-click on the formats in which you want to download it.

Facebook video downloader is provided us with ease to download videos without breaking the quality of the video. You can easily download the videos in any format i.e., MP4, MP3, WMV, etc. The user interface of the FB video downloader software is straightforward. You don’t need professional help in downloading the videos through this software. Please copy the link of the Facebook video and paste it in the video downloader software. You will get the download button below through which you can download the video.

The Facebook video downloader for Windows that is famous and available for free is the Freemake video downloader. FB video downloader extension is also available, but it doesn’t support private and password-protected pages and groups. Facebook video downloader provides ease in downloading videos to watch it offline.

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